About Us

Jmeta with its 20 years of experience in the game and technology sector, closely follows the future of the internet and also even directs this future. Jmeta is producing pionering projects in the field of metaverse and web 3.0. J is the joy in the meta. Join the future with Jmeta!

J is the joy in the meta, jest in the meta and a jewel in the meta. 

Our Projects

A Cultural Tourism project in the metaverse that wants to introduce the mysterious and deep stories of Anatolia, which has hosted many civilizations, religions and races throughout history.
Anatolia, the shared history of all generations is about to take a new form. Stay tuned to witness the untold history; anywhere and anytime…

In Rememberland, you can write your testament as you wish and you can write a digital diary. You can create a digital memorial for yourself or your loved one and continue your existence in the verse that best describes you.
In Rememberland, you can appoint the people you trust most as a guardian for your creations, step into metaverse world and protect all your passwords under the blockchain system.

Our Partners

Meet The Team

Tolga Çakır

Product Owner

Emre Kaptan

Head of Copy

Ekin Borteçin

Art Director